Creating Inner Peace by Leaning into Tension

We hold tension in our tissues, muscles and mind.

By gently leaning into that tension and learning how to breathe and be present and comfortable in that tension is the first step to inner peace.  When leaning into that tight spot, think of space, think of the vast sky.  Lean into the muscle or tissue tension for a few seconds, think of creating space, and then release back into a neutral place.  With gentle persistence by committing to our Yoga practice we will create space, we will release that tension and learn to be comfortable and learn to be present.

This works the same for tension in the mind.  If you have a scary or uncomfortable thought, lean into it, sit with it for a few seconds.  Then let it go, think of creating space.

We don’t have to look outward anymore for relief.  That place of peace resides inside of us and can be accessed at any time.

On some of our more complicated days our inner peace can be challenging to reach, but be comforted to know it is there.  You can learn the methods to access your inner peace.

Slow down your breathing, starting by adding a few more seconds onto your exhale.  As your breathing slows down begin to deepen the breath.  On your exhale add sound, start with the sound of MMMMMM.

Inhale naturally, exhale MMMMM.

Feel the inner peace this exercise accesses and sense the vibrational feeling of the sound through your lips and mouth.  This is bringing you closer to your relationship with your vibrational spiritual being.  This action is bringing you closer to uniting your physical self and your astral subtle body.

Enjoy it, connect to it and experience what deep relaxation means.

You do not have to do a whole Yoga routine or any Yoga pose for that matter.  Just try to connect with your body and yourself, breathe and be present.  That can be your Yoga for today.

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