The Power of Pixie #Cat #Pixie #Resilient #CatShelter #Love

Pixie slayed me. When I first saw her scooting around the floor my heart broke into a thousand pieces. Then when I met her and petted her my heart glued back together and become bigger, warmer and filled with more joy than before.

I was in orientation to volunteer at Tabby’s Place, A Cat Sanctuary. As the class began I see little Pixie scoot across the floor, her little back legs sticking straight out on either side of her and her little tiny colored diaper around the teeny tiniest fuzzy butt helped her glide on the floor deftly, with the grace of an Olympic skier. I’ve never seen such skills. She was at the head of the classroom and made a beeline right for me and placed herself directly in front of my chair and looked up at me with these incredible green kitty cat eyes. I was hooked.

She clearly is the most resilient cat I’ve ever met. A paraplegic cat, with an incredible spirit, she is so friendly despite being injured by a human with a pellet gun.

She did not show any signs of being fearful in a room filled with strangers. Here she was, this tiny ray of hope in a sometime scary world, with this undeterred will, not allowing an injury to get in the way of being her cute self, scooting around like a pro, approaching people and melting hearts all over the world.

What an inspiration. I wish I could take Pixie home, but I work full time, have 2 businesses and am in school! Perhaps in the future I can, and that didn’t stop me from fantasizing all night long on how to Pixie-proof the house and how it would work with the 2 adult cats already at home.

Maybe by the grace of God someday I can care for Pixie, or someone else can be the lucky mommy to her. In the meantime, I will visit her, I will donate to her and I will be thankful that I got to meet her and be touched by this little creature with an amazing courageous and resilient spirit.

pixie Food

You can read Pixie’s story here and donate directly to her for her medical needs.

Pixie’s Story and Donate to Pixie


She is so cute!


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