#Judgmentfree #Safespace

Don’t you notice that people are so quick to give you advice? Instead of allowing you to fully express yourself and stand in your truth, they toss in their judgments and opinions and tell you what they think you should do. Or maybe they say ahh, it isn’t so bad. And doesn’t that just leave you feeling worse or leave you feeling that no one understands? Well a life coach does not do any of that. We give you a safe space to be authentically you. A judgement free space, an opinion free space. A space that is all yours. I hold a mirror up to you I tell you what I see reflecting back. All of the amazing things that you don’t maybe see. I listen to you and I hear you. I validate your truth. I help make sense of the thoughts and the feelings that are coming up for you. Your best friend doesn’t always do that. Your parent doesn’t always do that. I don’t diagnose you, I don’t tell you what to do, or even what I think you should do. You come up with all of your solutions and answers. Life coaching is a highly specialized process that helps you gain clarity and focus on what makes you happy in life, and we hold you accountable when you go for it.

You can contact a life coach if you:

  • Need clarity
  • Want to accomplish a goal
  • Are feeling frustrated
  • Are feeling stuck
  • Want more out of life
  • Want to be the best version of yourself
  • Want to lead a fulfilling life



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