Fruitful Friday – lets keep the momentum going #victim #victimthinking #self-esteem #lifecoach #empowerment

My little hawk I spent an hour with while he rested from a wing injury. He is a resilient amazing fighter. Love you buddy. He didn’t give up.

Life can beat you up sometimes. But you don’t have to be its victim.

But I get it, sometimes you need to rest your weary head. You need a break. We all need a minute, an hour, a week and maybe even more. It is OK. But don’t rest for too long and leave yourself susceptible to more knockdowns and abuse. Don’t embrace victimhood. It’s doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t serve you.

Victim thinking allows you to shirk responsibility. If you blame someone or something else, then it is not your fault. Thinking like a victim does not serve you in the long run. Yes, someone may hurt you, something unjust may happen to you. But if you continue in the role of victim, you will not have any power. You will not be responsible for yourself, you will be at the mercy of others. That is not a strong person. That is not a resilient person. That is not an empowered person.

The way to get out of victim thinking is “action”. Be in the present moment, make a decision, and act. A sense of meaning or purpose can get you out of that mindset. You can focus on a goal. Completion of goals will bring up your sense of self-worth and raise your self-esteem.

If you need help and feel like you are trapped and subject to everything around you, try this mental shift:

The persecutors, the abusers, the situations that cause you to feel like a victim – View them as challenges. View them as something to overcome, something to face and win, something to fight and become a victor over. These things are placed in your path, not to drag you down and make you feel like shit. They are there to build up your ass-kicking muscle.

Life can get tough, I get it. People can be jerks. Jobs can suck. Hours and minutes tick away and you are exhausted. You struggle. Sometimes life beats you down. We don’t always get what we want. Diseases happen, medical emergencies happen, relationships come and go. But take a look inside you. Deep down, there is a fighter in there. There is a beautiful little resilient spirit that wants to keep going. It wants to be brave, it wants to show up and it wants to kick major ass.

Nourish that spirit inside of you. Little by little, babystep by babystep, feed that fledging inside of you. It wants to fly.



Nurture it. Feed it. Let it rest. Challenge it. Laugh with it. Adore it. Cherish it. Love it.


 Jump out of that nest.






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