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Weekly Wellness Series, August 15, 2018

What is Self-Care all about?

Self-Care is checking in with your needs on a daily basis.

Ask yourself “What do I need today?”

Have you been putting off exercising?

What can you do today? Walk? A short run? 20 jumping jacks?

Do you get enough sleep last night?

Here are some self-care tips:

Exercise a strength – whatever it is – writing, singing, telling jokes, dancing, running, volunteering, cooking, etc.  

Document yourself – Journal – take photos, write about something you love

Switch up your schedule – invite positive change into your week, add an activity – delete an activity

Play! – Do a puzzle – play a game

Unplug your electronics – or blast your favorite song

Make a connection – call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while

Engage Your Senses

The smell and taste of a tea bag


the smell and feel of oils or lotion

I’ve been dazzling my senses with essential oils.

Carry some in your purse, keep some in your car.

I always carry journals with me. Even though I do a lot of reading and writing with my cell phone, there is nothing quite like writing with a pen on paper for me. It really slows me down.

Pay attention to yourself. Look inward. What are your needs?



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