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This morning I had to call the police about the young deer “resting” injured on the side of the highway.

Last week I sent the Mayor of Union Township in Hunterdon County a letter about deer accident prevention. I also sent this to other municipalities. The letter is below.


I’m writing to you about the safety of our highway drivers and the wildlife population in Clinton, NJ. I have seen my share of near-misses and accidents involving deer crossing the highways. Accidents like these can be prevented, there is new technology out there with high success rates when actively installed.

I am not selling anything nor am I affiliated with any of these products. What I am is a concerned citizen that worries about the safety of Highway 78 and the local wildlife whose lives are put at risk every single day.

It was only one week ago that two vehicles hit a large deer in the middle Lane on Highway 78 headed towards exit 13 in Clinton. I had to swerve around the injured and dying deer which was lying on its side laying across the line dividing two lanes. The two vehicles were pulled over on the side of the road that had just caused the collision. Meanwhile unsuspecting vehicles were still traveling at high speeds toward the injured and near-death deer lying on the roadway. I implore you to seek solutions to this serious problem. Please contact me with any follow-up questions. I hope you will take my suggestions into consideration.

I’ve researched solutions and what I found was this product, the Strieter-Lite reflector. I was pleased to find out that Hunterdon County already uses this technology on county roads. Now we should bring this to the state highway that runs through our township. This reflector dramatically reduces the number of deer-vehicle collisions that may occur at dawn, dusk or night.

When a car passes, light from the headlights is directed toward the side of the road and is seen by deer that wish to cross the highway as a row of sequential lights coming from the reflectors.

This startles them and causes them to run away or wait until the vehicle passes before crossing the road.

Over 190,000 reflectors have been purchased and installed in 25 states and in 5 provinces in Canada.
My research has also shown that the system is eligible for federal funding.

Their website is https://sites.google.com/site/strieterlite/home
For information about the deer reflectors, please email, write or call:
Gloria Strieter, Vice President, gloriastrieter@gmail.com
John Strieter, President, johnstrieter@gmail.com
Strieter Corporation
3918 14th St
Rock Island, IL 61201-6015

Please review the information in the attached link or visit the website. There are also other products available, one is called Deer Deter – Wildlife Crossing Guard. You can also visit their website at deerdeter.com.
When activated, the unit emits a sound that is meant to simulate that of a predator or a cry of fear. The sound is supplemented by a small strobe type light that is meant to represent reflection of movement from the predator’s eyes.
Activated only at night when headlights are present, this device allows animals to cross roadways at times when they do not present a danger; thereby, permitting access to preferred feeding and bedding areas along traditional migration routes.
The ultimate goal of the Wildlife Crossing Guard is to reduce the estimated 150 lost lives, untold injuries, and $1.1B per year in vehicle damages in the United States. The units deployed in Europe indicate that collisions have been reduced by as much as 90%, and a U.S. test site is now underway to corroborate that success rate.


Susan Larose

The details of each product were taken off of their websites. Solutions are out there. Deer do not have to suffer like this.

Feel free to use this letter for your own town. Our Mayor promised to speak on this at their next meeting. For state highways the local municipalities have to bring up the topic and contact the state.

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