#RobotHands #PsoriaticArthritis #Arthritis

I miss my hands.

They betray me now. I joke and say thank God I don’t have a job holding babies.

Touching cat fur helps. Plush blankets, heating pads, gentle hand massages, these are all welcome.

Don’t shake my hand hard. The firm handshake is not welcomed here. I will rebuke you if you squeeze me too much. Better yet, don’t touch me. You will get an earful. Don’t assume people aren’t in pain all day.

I’m delicate. Treat me like a gentle lilly. Offer me water. Talk soothingly to me and don’t touch. Just appreciate me from afar.

I give up trying to hold on to my phone. It falls all day. Plastic cups only please. I abhor squeeze bottles in the shower. Is this a joke? A wet slippery shampoo bottle that I have to squeeze. Get the fuck out of here.

Please get the door for me. Turning knobs can be tricky. Every year for Christmas I’ve been asking for robot hands.

Or a cure. I’ll take either.

Are you in control of you? #selfpower

Do you identify as a victim in life? Is everything someone else’s fault? Are you mad at the world? Or can you say that you are fully in control of all your choices? Yes, life does throw us curve balls and we are not always in control of things that happen to our health and we all have to work for a living. But you are in control of what thoughts you continue to feed in your mind and you are in control of your choices and decisions? Do you live in your own power each day? Do you make decisions based on your true values? Are you aware of your passions? Do you create goals based on these passions and values? When you start living life like this instead of worrying about the day-to-day circumstances, you begin to feel empowered about life.