Life is for the Birds

Feed Me!
Hungry Baby Blue Jay

I have bird love. I can fly too, but only at night in my dreams. During my observations of birds, I have come to know their many varied personalities and trusting behavior. The are cautious, yet accepting and they are strong, resilient and absolutely breathtaking; with their beautiful colors and patterns and their gorgeous songs. They are a wonder to behold in your sight, heart and mind.

The birds have taught me life lessons, they have taught me about loss, about abundance and about care and compassion. All one has to do is watch a bird mom to see such fierce love and protection for their family.

I love the birds. They are my friends. They are intelligent. They remember you. They wait for you. They appreciate people who help them.

Friend your local birds today and they will reward you with beauty, entertainment and laughter. And as you develop your relationship with them you will also develop a deep compassion for life and nature.

Gorgeous Finches

The Majestic Male Cardinal

Fuzzy Wuzzy Young Blue Jay

My friend the Hairy Woodpecker , he is always side-eyeing me