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Fierce looking and with rusty brown tail feathers. This Hawk steals my heart.

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Here is an interesting tale.

When my arthritis presented a few years ago I decided to only consume organic and use organic products. I was dairy free and gluten-free. At the time I was eating meat.

At the beginning of the experiment my psoriasis was at an all-time worse spreading all over legs and arms. And the arthritic pain was new and scary.

After several weeks of adopting the expensive all organic diet and product usage, I felt like hell.

It didn’t work. I tried every home remedy including eating copious amounts of cilantro. Rubbing cornstarch and or tumeric on my psoriasis. Yoga of course. I felt like stir-fried crap.

It was then that I decided to go on medication. Methotrexate to be exact. It has been about two years since I began the methotrexate. According to my new doctor I have been on a baby dose. It worked well for 2 years but now it is starting to not work as well. So now I am increasing the dosage.

We all shall see how this works out in the coming weeks. A lot of people with autoimmune do try a lot of the home remedies and the holistic treatments. I even used to get expensive reiki sessions to help heal my psoriasis.

I have been doing some personal dietary changes and intermittent fasting which have improved my energy levels and overall feeling of wellness. More on that in my next post.

But the bottom line is that I need medication in order to function successfully in life. Success to me looks like being an active person at a healthy weight.

I run, I cycle. I am very active and I want to keep up my active lifestyle. I want to look good and I want to feel good. Without the medicine I struggle with many things. Life would be very very different without my methotrexate. There are side effects and I try to keep them to the minimum by taking lower doses and keeping myself healthy with diet and exercise.

So being organic, dairy-free and gluten-free does not solve complicated autoimmune disorders.

Goal: Open Pickle Jars #arthritis #psoriaticarthritis

I have a chronic, potentially debilitating arthritic condition. Some people when announcing their conditions may say, “I suffer from (insert condition here).” I don’t like to use the phrase, “I suffer from…” because number one, I don’t want to identify as someone who suffers and I don’t want to manifest future suffering.

The truth is that I have psoriatic arthritis, which causes inflammation in my body resulting in swollen joint tissue, join pain and stiffness and inflamed skin.

I am trying a new product today. I can say I’ve tried everything, well maybe not everything, but I have tried a lot.

I’ve used turmeric, essential oils, I’ve consumed copious amounts of cilantro and tried the Move Free supplements brand and the Osteo Bio-Flex brand. I tried eating only organic foods and using only organic products. I went vegan, I went dairy free and gluten free but yet I still cannot unscrew the lid off of a pickle jar.

I will always have sore fingers and toes I suppose, and will be achy and stiff when I get out of bed or out of a chair. And there are levels to pain and stiffness. It used to be a lot worse.

I have had some relief with Methotrexate. I can jog now, whereas a few months ago, I couldn’t walk two blocks without considerable pain in my right foot.

I am looking forward to opening pickle jars all over my kitchen.

I will let you know how it goes.

Life is supposed to be uneasy.

Easy isn’t always the way.

Comfort isn’t the goal.

Life is supposed to uneasy.


That is why Yoga is so important to me.

Yoga teaches us to breathe into discomfort.


I used to think comfort was a goal.

I recently attended a women’s workshop and as we went around the room and stated our personal wants and desires I heard most of the women say they desire to be “at ease” with themselves.

I say the ease comes after a regular and consistent practice of exposing yourself to uneasiness.

The ease comes after the challenge, after the discomfort.

If you want to feel comfortable, then embrace uncomfortableness.

If you want to relax, then challenge yourself. You are not going to get to ease and comfort before you get through challenge and discomfort.


Meditation quiets our mind chatter. During a meditation session, it may take a while to get to the “quiet” place within us, and it may only be a pause between thoughts. That is the goal, to create space in between the thoughts. Meditate on the Infinite; an open space with thoughts floating nearby buzzing in and out of existence like subatomic particles. That is the true nature of reality. Accept the limitless nature inside of ourselves to feel peace and serenity. It is this space within ourselves that is our ultimate comfort.

sneaker-1441954_960_720 (1)

Try this:

Slow Walking Meditation

Begin alone in a quiet room with enough space to walk around.

Make sure you will be undisturbed, turn off electronics and close the door.

Set a timer for 5 minutes. Begin slowly walking around the room at a snail’s pace. Feel the way your heel begins to touch the floor and observe the way the rest of your foot follows.

When I do this exercise I usually start to observe my surroundings and notice the textures in the walls, the floor and the furniture. I start to notice things that I normally would not slow down enough to see. We can walk so quickly through life. This exercise really slows me down and clears my mind.

I start to feel an inner peace and some how, magically, an inner dialog begins. Once my mind clears of the surface material, important and relevant topics arise in my consciousness and I begin to ask myself questions and I receive answers from somewhere deep inside of me.

It is a wonderful practice and only takes a few minutes of your time. Feel free to add minutes for deeper introspection.

Creating Inner Peace by Leaning into Tension

We hold tension in our tissues, muscles and mind.

By gently leaning into that tension and learning how to breathe and be present and comfortable in that tension is the first step to inner peace.  When leaning into that tight spot, think of space, think of the vast sky.  Lean into the muscle or tissue tension for a few seconds, think of creating space, and then release back into a neutral place.  With gentle persistence by committing to our Yoga practice we will create space, we will release that tension and learn to be comfortable and learn to be present.

This works the same for tension in the mind.  If you have a scary or uncomfortable thought, lean into it, sit with it for a few seconds.  Then let it go, think of creating space.

We don’t have to look outward anymore for relief.  That place of peace resides inside of us and can be accessed at any time.

On some of our more complicated days our inner peace can be challenging to reach, but be comforted to know it is there.  You can learn the methods to access your inner peace.

Slow down your breathing, starting by adding a few more seconds onto your exhale.  As your breathing slows down begin to deepen the breath.  On your exhale add sound, start with the sound of MMMMMM.

Inhale naturally, exhale MMMMM.

Feel the inner peace this exercise accesses and sense the vibrational feeling of the sound through your lips and mouth.  This is bringing you closer to your relationship with your vibrational spiritual being.  This action is bringing you closer to uniting your physical self and your astral subtle body.

Enjoy it, connect to it and experience what deep relaxation means.

You do not have to do a whole Yoga routine or any Yoga pose for that matter.  Just try to connect with your body and yourself, breathe and be present.  That can be your Yoga for today.