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Don’t you notice that people are so quick to give you advice? Instead of allowing you to fully express yourself and stand in your truth, they toss in their judgments and opinions and tell you what they think you should do. Or maybe they say ahh, it isn’t so bad. And doesn’t that just leave you feeling worse or leave you feeling that no one understands? Well a life coach does not do any of that. We give you a safe space to be authentically you. A judgement free space, an opinion free space. A space that is all yours. I hold a mirror up to you I tell you what I see reflecting back. All of the amazing things that you don’t maybe see. I listen to you and I hear you. I validate your truth. I help make sense of the thoughts and the feelings that are coming up for you. Your best friend doesn’t always do that. Your parent doesn’t always do that. I don’t diagnose you, I don’t tell you what to do, or even what I think you should do. You come up with all of your solutions and answers. Life coaching is a highly specialized process that helps you gain clarity and focus on what makes you happy in life, and we hold you accountable when you go for it.

You can contact a life coach if you:

  • Need clarity
  • Want to accomplish a goal
  • Are feeling frustrated
  • Are feeling stuck
  • Want more out of life
  • Want to be the best version of yourself
  • Want to lead a fulfilling life



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I recently read on Reddit someone asking how a very wise or “spiritual” person could make mistakes or be taken by an addiction. Reading this got my inner voice buzzing and I could not wait to speak on this topic.

I admire people who show their humanness. I played the perfection game for many years, and all perfectionism does is paralyze you into inaction, because you are so afraid to proceed and make a mistake, that you end up not taking any action, or an action that is “safest”.

I praise and I’m proud of the people who are happy with themselves exactly the way they are and show up exactly as themselves. I am not impressed by the people who try to impress others or obtain many degrees, certificates or labels. I’m not knocking education or achievement, but what I am doing is promoting showing up as yourself, not hiding under a label. I want a person to show up as a human with flaws.

When you measure your worth or value by either a societal standard or by the opinions of others you’re cheating yourself. Self-esteem isn’t the measure of outside approval. You measure your own personal success and your own happiness. You choose your goals based on your values and you decide how to measure it.

Wise people still make “mistakes”. (Mistakes are actually opportunities, which is a whole other topic!) Wise people are subject to the same suffering and life situations that we are all subject to, no one is exempt from being human.

There is no such thing as perpetual spiritual bliss. I don’t know if anyone told you but happiness isn’t a permanent feeling, it is just like anger or sadness, they are temporary, they come and go. There are several moments during the day where I’m not feeling particularly anything but I could say I have a general contentedness, that is until something gets me mad. 😊

To say a life coach, a spiritual guru or a wise man (or wise woman) no longer experience bad feelings or makes mistakes is ridiculous. A life coach encourages you to be fully human and express your feelings without any hesitation but then we also call on you towards action, to take a step towards the place that you want to be and to learn about yourself in the process. We show you how to value yourself and to appreciate your own worth in this world. It’s not about pushing you up on the social ladder or getting approval from others. It’s about you being you and expressing and accepting yourself exactly as you are and improving anything that you would like to improve by creating action. Your satisfaction level in life can only be measured by you.

You will make mistakes. You can be wise and human at the same time. There is no wellness cure, and if people try to sell that to you, they are lying.

We do the best we can. When you have a life coach, you have someone in your corner, pointing out your gifts, seeing the true you, cheering you on, and helping you create goals that will bring you lifetime satisfaction.

We are all gifted. We all have a purpose. We are all wiser than we think we are. We are human first, and life can be challenging. But we as life coaches, we take those challenges, we chalk them up as training and we move on and kick some ass. And then we show you how to do it too.


The Power of Pixie #Cat #Pixie #Resilient #CatShelter #Love

Pixie slayed me. When I first saw her scooting around the floor my heart broke into a thousand pieces. Then when I met her and petted her my heart glued back together and become bigger, warmer and filled with more joy than before.

I was in orientation to volunteer at Tabby’s Place, A Cat Sanctuary. As the class began I see little Pixie scoot across the floor, her little back legs sticking straight out on either side of her and her little tiny colored diaper around the teeny tiniest fuzzy butt helped her glide on the floor deftly, with the grace of an Olympic skier. I’ve never seen such skills. She was at the head of the classroom and made a beeline right for me and placed herself directly in front of my chair and looked up at me with these incredible green kitty cat eyes. I was hooked.

She clearly is the most resilient cat I’ve ever met. A paraplegic cat, with an incredible spirit, she is so friendly despite being injured by a human with a pellet gun.

She did not show any signs of being fearful in a room filled with strangers. Here she was, this tiny ray of hope in a sometime scary world, with this undeterred will, not allowing an injury to get in the way of being her cute self, scooting around like a pro, approaching people and melting hearts all over the world.

What an inspiration. I wish I could take Pixie home, but I work full time, have 2 businesses and am in school! Perhaps in the future I can, and that didn’t stop me from fantasizing all night long on how to Pixie-proof the house and how it would work with the 2 adult cats already at home.

Maybe by the grace of God someday I can care for Pixie, or someone else can be the lucky mommy to her. In the meantime, I will visit her, I will donate to her and I will be thankful that I got to meet her and be touched by this little creature with an amazing courageous and resilient spirit.

pixie Food

You can read Pixie’s story here and donate directly to her for her medical needs.

Pixie’s Story and Donate to Pixie


She is so cute!

Centering Techniques #centeringtechniques

• Deep breathing
• Stretching – My favorite is the Forward Fold
• Focused Attention – Putting together a puzzle, coloring books, or whatever your hobby may be.
• Releasing resistance
• Releasing muscle tension – imagine this visually as you stretch your body
• Live in the now, in the present moment
• Develop your awareness – So you know when your out of center and can take steps to get back to center
• Tadasana – Mountain Pose – Stand up straight but not rigid with your arms to your side. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and stand tall, imagine the top of your head touching heaven and your feet being firmly rooted in the Earth.
• Place your feet on the ground. Move your awareness to the bottom of your feet. Notice all of the sensations there.
• Get on the floor and stretch your whole body out, let out a huge sigh and let all of the tension out in your exhale
• Spinal Twists – You are a sponge, wring out the stress!